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Roof Management

Roof Management represents a combination of products and services required for adequate conservation of a roof as well as the extension of a roof’s service life expectancy.


Roof Instalation Surveillance

Our roofing consultants are a great ally when it comes to assuring project is executed by roofing contractor in within the quality and technical standards required by the original layout specification.


We dig in into your roof’s history past and help our customer retrieve their lost or misplaced roofing warranties. Issues regarding warranty claims to manufacturer or contractor are presented and supervised by our staff so repairs can be dutiflly followed through.

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Life Cycle Analysis

Roofs eventually need major investments through capital expenditures. At Roofmaster we have different measurement tools that allows us to aproximate a roof’s remaining life cycle. Depending on type of roof, location, and wear we test our customer’s roofs and can produce data so our customers can plan ahead their financial requirements for when a roof will be in need of a reroof or retrofit investment.

Bidding Consultants

At Roofmaster we can gladly assist on coordinating and managing your bidding needs when it comes to finding market proven and reliable contractors to take part of any of your required projects.

Performance Log

By keeping a performance log for each building under Roofmaster’s roof management program, we are able to gather important information such as history of maintenance costs, detected and repaired leaks, cause of failures. Overall this information allows Roofmaster and building owner to plan ahead major facility investments such as roof overhaul or retrofit.

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